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Designing comprehensive wealth protection and risk management solutions.

Protect what matters most.

We take the same approach to insurance planning and asset protection as we do with every other aspect of your financial plan.  

We believe your insurance plan should be customized to your unique situation.

At Symphonic, we evaluate how disability, long-term care expenditures, or premature death may impact your financial plans.  

Our team will then review your existing insurances, evaluate your many options, and design a customized strategy to address your unique needs appropriately.

Solutions to Protect Your Wealth

Life Insurance Policy Review

If you own something you don’t quite understand, or have an old policy that has not been serviced in some time, let us make sense of it and determine what role, if any, it should play in your plan.


Life and Disability Needs Analysis

You don’t want to overpay for insurance you don’t need; but, you want adequate coverage to be there when you need it.  Let us help you determine the level of protection you need.

Elder Care Planning

Whether you are planning for your care or the care of a loved one, our experienced team can help you secure your expectations and determine how best to plan for the growing cost of care.


Asset Protection

You have worked hard to grow your wealth.  Now, you may just be ready to explore ways to ensure you keep it.  Symphonic designs personalized strategies to reduce or eliminate risks that impose a threat to your plan. 

Begin designing your Elder Care financial plan with a Symphonic Financial Advisor today.

Discover how our experienced and credentialed financial advisors help families plan for a lifetime of care needs.